Feeling a bit down?

As we head into the winter months it is not uncommon for episodes of depression to increase at this time of the year. Seasonal depression occurs to many individuals, but those who are aware and make lifestyle changes can reduce its impact.

Making sure you maintain a regular exercise routine, eating a well balanced diet (as well as considering a multivitamin) and getting outdoors as much as possible. However there are times when it is best to seek help. If you feel yourself slipping deeper into a depressive mood, especially if you find yourself withdrawing from your usual activities and/or friends, then it may be time to get help.

The first step is to contact your health provider to ask for a referral. Other options include contacting your local health department for information about mental health services and providers. Asking your local  health center, religious organization, and community center are other places that may provide resources for mental health services.

There are now more online resources including online counseling. More and more health plans provide telemedicine services. Be smart about checking out these services in terms of length of counseling sessions, credentials of providers, and limitations of care.

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