Pregnancy Health

First, Congratulations on your pregnancy! This can be a wonderful time in your life. With our help you will be find the answers to questions, concerns. You will also find links to sites that we deem are worthy of mention.

For those of you looking to get pregnant we will have a pregnancy calculator so you can determine how many weeks you might be, if you have not yet take a pregnancy test. Information for pre-conceptual planning, nutrition, birth planning are just some of the many topics we hope to cover in the months ahead. Remember we are here ready to serve you!

Many of your questions will be answered to basic gynecologic health issues. If you have further questions I invite you to visit me here, where we can have a private live chat session  or email communications. Looking forward to talking with you!

Every now and then you will find a poll so we can gauge the interest of our readers. You will also have the opportunity to bring up topics and issues of concern to you. Our goal is to make this an interactive site as much as possible.

Talk to you soon insha’Allah (God willing)!

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