Dr. Kenya is caring physician with over 23 years of experience in providing health care for diverse populations in the US and abroad. Although her specialty is obstetrics and gynecology, she is experienced in providing primary care services to all.

Early in her burgeoning interest in the field of medicine Dr. Kenya realized that health care should be a right and not a privilege; yet she also witnessed the failure to provide that care equitably to every citizen in the U.S. — her country of birth.

While attending The City College of the City University of New York she majored in Biochemistry, participated in research projects, and graduated with honors. During her years there she began to network with like-minded individuals…and it was during this time that her vision for her future in the medical and health fields began to develop.

She attended the UCSF School of Medicine, followed by her training at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in San Francisco, California — where she found herself on the frontline in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  She went on to practice at the Alameda County Medical Center, becoming the Alameda County AIDS Commissioner, and a founding board member of the AIDS Project of the East Bay.

Her parents (of Native American and African American descent) had instilled in her the importance of being the best she could be, and offering aid and assistance to others in need. She still carries these principles wherever she goes — whether on health missions in Central America, Africa or the Middle East…or providing medical care in Oakland, Pleasant Hill, Los Angeles, Sacramento or Blythe, CA.

Currently she is an Alameda County Public Health Commissioner, a practicing physician with the La Clinica de La Raza Family, Medical Director of Healthy Babies Project, and she was recently appointed Medical Director of Surgery Planet, a leader in Medical Tourism.

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